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Recent Donations Report Released at School Board Meeting

Crystal Wu, Reporter

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The San Marino Unified School District Board of Education recently released a donations report for August through October of this year. The report lists of donations ranging from $11.00 to $143,080.01 from various parents, clubs, and nearby businesses.

According to San Marino Assistant Superintendent of Business Services, Mrs. Julie Boucher, the amounts received are relatively the same in comparison to past years. ​

Altogether $792,979.83 in donations ​were received among the four schools within the district. San Marino High School received $154,996.75.

Of the total donations, $758,441.78 were donations for instructional materials and equipment, while $31,286.22 were reimbursements for instructional materials, equipment, and salaries, Boucher said. These donations are primarily used for purchases of books, supplies, and technology, she added.

A principal at any of the schools might allocate the donations based on the needs of each department at their location, Boucher said, adding that sometimes specific purposes are listed by a donor.  ​

Boucher further said that donations are used to help offset and support growing costs for the district, to meet the increasing demands that are associated with the Common Core standards and assessments, as well as enhanced student activities.

Boucher added that school site donations help promote the quality of the educational programs by enhancing classroom technology, and providing instructors with the necessary supplemental instructional resources and supplies.

Transportation donations, as the name suggests, assist with travel expenses for field trips to competitions and performances, Boucher said.

Athletic donations fund team uniforms, supplies, equipment, and tournament entry fees.

Emergency donations help with the purchase and replenishment of emergency supplies.

Processing the donated money typically begins with the Principal remitting the donations made to the San Marino School District for any specific school site, program, or student activity, Boucher said.

These donations are then received and deposited into the school site’s account at the district level. Therefore, donated money is not distributed evenly amongst all four schools within the San Marino Unified School District, since these donations are received by the designated school site instead.

The accounting department of the school district then is responsible for depositing the funds into the County Treasury and recording the revenue as a donation for that particular school site, a specific department program, sports team, or activity.

The Board of Education then receives a donation report​, such as the recent one released on November 7.

The principal is then provided with regular budget summary reports, which is part of the regular budget and expenditure reports that are remitted by the booster clubs to all coaches and school administrators. These reports provide information regarding the donations received, any specific designation for the funds, and the accounts that will be used for the funding.

Student groups and sports teams will not be allowed to spend more than the balance set in their account for any funds deposited by the district. However, this remains true unless a pre- approval has been reached based on special circumstances from the principal.

​Parents can feel free to send donations to the San Marino Schools Foundation or San Marino High School. Such donations may be made in any of the following forms: a check, money order, or credit cards under certain pre-approved circumstances and programs such as Infosnap.

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Recent Donations Report Released at School Board Meeting