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Homecoming Week, Full of Festivities

Bella Giardina and Nicola Iannelli, two Titan freshmen, jump up and down to the beat at Coro.

Bella Giardina and Nicola Iannelli, two Titan freshmen, jump up and down to the beat at Coro.

Blake Pak

Blake Pak

Bella Giardina and Nicola Iannelli, two Titan freshmen, jump up and down to the beat at Coro.

Crystal Wu and Shinji Lin

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Nearly a month after the record-breaking success of the Icebreakers dance, ASB looks to continue to build that momentum during Homecoming Week, which it has been in the process of planning since the summer break.

The week started with the Coronation Ball this past Saturday and will continue with planned school dress-up days all week, and ending with the Homecoming Parade and game this Friday night. To kick off this tradition-honored week, the Coronation dance took place in the clubhouse of the Santa Anita Race Track on Saturday.

This year, the dance’s theme was Masquerade, where students were provided with masks from ASB.  The dance itself was supposed to emulate an after party in the The Great Gatsby, featuring the colors of silver, black, and gold.

Last year, the Coronation Dance at the Capouya Residence started at $30, with the price increasing by $10 per week until it reached $50 at the door. The ticket price this year is $65 for the entire selling period, but ASB guarantees that the dance is worth the cost.

Blake Pak
The Titans have a blast as they dance for hours on end at Coro.

“You will be getting exactly what you pay for,” junior ASB Service Commissioner Peixuan Du, said. “A lot of the things this year are different from last year, which is why I like it. Last year, there were a lot of restrictions, but this year, with the new principal, Dr. Gates is encouraging us to add new things.”

Some main attractions at the Coronation Ball included a photo booth and karaoke, but ASB did not offer airbrush makeup this year.  

Trying to build off the success and large turnout of the Icebreakers Dance, ASB had set a goal to have at least 700 students attend Coro.

Homecoming Week will have a different school activity for each day.  Meme Monday will encourage students to dress up as their favorite memes. Afterwards, a relay race contest will be held during lunch.  Tourist Tuesday is designated for dressing in clothes from popular traveling locations, including Hawaiian apparel and shirts.

ASB originally planned for World Record Wednesday, in which the SMHS student body would try to break the world record for the most people simultaneously blowing bubbles.  However, complications with the timing and lengthy process resulted in the cancellation of the event.  Instead, Way-Back Wednesday will consist of students dressing in old-fashioned clothes from the 70s and 80s.

Pajama Day is scheduled for Thursday, with a watermelon eating contest during lunch.  Spirit Gear Friday has students wearing all the school-spirited clothes from the spirit packs purchased earlier in the school year.  A pep rally will take place during lunch as part of an annual tradition to hype students up for the Homecoming Parade, which is followed by a football game later that evening against the Temple City Rams.

The Homecoming Parade for the most part will be similar to past parades and will have the same route as last year, but with one difference.  This year, the Huntington Middle School Varsity Band and cheerleading team will not participate in the parade.

Last year, the varsity football team beat the Rams 35-0.  This year, the Titans will look to replicate their performance on Friday, ending the festivities of Homecoming Week.

Senior publicity commissioner Daphney Wang anticipates “one of the best school dances and the most involved Homecoming Week that San Marino High School has ever had.”

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Homecoming Week, Full of Festivities