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Ice Breakers’ Smashes Attendance Numbers

ASB's concerted effort to advertise the dance leads to great results.

San Marino High School students get their groove on at the first dance of the year.

San Marino High School students get their groove on at the first dance of the year.

Blake Pak

Blake Pak

San Marino High School students get their groove on at the first dance of the year.

Shinji Lin and Crystal Wu

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Breaking the ice wasn’t the only thing on the minds of ASB members when they were organizing the first dance of the school year. They wanted to break attendance records, as well.

Attendance at the Icebreakers Dance on September 15 exceeded the number of students who attended previous dances. More than 600 students, about half of the student population at SMHS, participated in the school-wide event which took place in the school’s quad area after the varsity football game against Viewpoint High School.

The attendance of the Ice Breakers Dance  doubled last year’s numbers for the first dance.

The theme of the Ice Breakers Dance was “battlefield,” which embodied the strength of an army that correlates with ASB’s goal to raise school spirit, dance organizers said.

“Since the school theme this year is Titan Strong, we began to think of an army concept,” senior ASB activities officer Drake Lim said.  “School symbolizes a battlefield with academic pressure and homework. Icebreakers was a fun way to incorporate the idea of going back to school with returning to the battlefield.

“Also, this was our first dance, so back to school and school’s like a battlefield with homework and all that stuff.  We’re getting back to that kind of thing,” Lim added.

According to Senior ASB Treasurer Audrey Bain, 500 tickets, which amounted to over $5000, were sold by Friday September 15, 2017.  ASB sold an additional $1,500 worth of tickets at the door.

Typically, in recent years, the lack of student engagement and interest has translated to relatively low attendance.  However, due to the efforts of the ASB cabinet this year, the turnout was more than organizers expected, Lim said.

ASB hyped the dance as much as possible, encouraging students to attend and informing them of the increased expenses dedicated towards making the dance worthwhile.  As a result, the collective efforts of the ASB members not only increased attendance, but also helped fulfill their overall goal of raising school spirit this year.

“I think the enthusiasm really helped,” said senior ASB treasurer Audrey Bain. “ASB was really pushing it, especially publicity-wise and I think we got new stuff, which made it much more exciting!”

Compared to last year, ASB was allowed to have more free range with the planning.

Principal Dr. Iassic Gates invited DJ Chris, who performed at Los Alamitos, Gates’s previous school district, to the satisfaction of students.

Junior Morgan Wong believed the songs played by DJ Chris were more contemporary compared to songs played at previous school dances.

Junior Jonathan Tsai thought the set-up in the quad was better than last year’s setting in the small gym because of the open space.  He enjoyed the Labobatory and Krispy Kreme donuts, but was wary of the carbon dioxide gas being sprayed.

Prior to the Icebreakers Dance, ASB made all purchases, including paying $4,000 for DJ Chris.  Additionally, ASB spent approximately a total of $4,500 on the dance, which was a drastic increase compared to the $200 to $300 spent in previous years. The revenue from ticket sales are used to pay off all purchases and remaining profits are saved for the next ASB activity, which is the Homecoming Coronation Dance on Saturday, October 14.

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Ice Breakers’ Smashes Attendance Numbers