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ComedySportz Takes On Teachers

Teachers' hidden comedic talents challenge students at first ComedySportz showdown.

Juliana Judge, Contributor

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On September 1, ComedySportz invited four brave Titan teachers onto the stage.

Jose Caire, Robbin McCullough, Blake Williams and Kerry Witzeman entered the arena in the second half of Friday night’s performance for friendly competition and impressive off-the-cuff talent. 

If any member of ComedySportz suffered self-doubt before the show, they may have benefited from a pep talk with senior co-captain Keenan Taw.

“I don’t find improv difficult,” he explains. “I just trust that I’m funny and that my teammates are funny, and have a good time! You can’t not have anything to say when there are literally endless possibilities.”

Besides, the Comedy Sportz team agrees that their mentors made impressive adversaries. “Teachers are performers, they perform in front of classes every day,” Taw says, noting Mr. Caire’s dark humor as a pleasant surprise.  “So they really brought a fun energy to the game. They were all super funny and picked up ComedySportz and improv super fast.”

Junior Mansi Gokani commented on the high energy as well, remarking that “Everything seemed a little more funny due to the fact that these are people we hold in high respect.”

Both Gokani and senior co-captain Erik Olson noticed another unexpected comedic genius.

“I was surprised how funny Mrs. Witzeman was,” Olson said. “Not that math teachers can’t be funny.”

“She was so wacky and into it. Math teachers normally don’t give that vibe,” Gokani points out.

Despite the combined talents of the staff, the students were declared the winners at the end of the night.

But there’s no rest for the witty.  Every Tuesday, they hold two-hour practices after school, “so that our comedic muscles stay flexed,” according to Olson. Official matches begin in October.  

This year is bittersweet for Taw and Olson, as they will take their final bows as seniors, but both are excited for another successful season. The team won state champs last year and are once again aiming for the title.

“Just like all the others, I love making people laugh, and I love creating scenes with all of my teammates,” Taw says. “I’ve had such an amazing experience with ComedySportz these past few years, and I know this year will be the same!”

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  1. Mitch Lehman on September 20th, 2017 12:51 pm

    Brilliant, Judge! Nice of you to give Katherine a break while you write a story….very impressive… I can see the slammer coming through…


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ComedySportz Takes On Teachers