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Clubs Prosper, Titans Reflect on First Club Day of the Year

Titans explore the offered clubs at San Marino.

Titans explore the offered clubs at San Marino.

Blake Pak

Blake Pak

Titans explore the offered clubs at San Marino.

Crystal Wu, Reporter

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The highly anticipated Club Rush, or Club Day, during lunch on August 24 was a crowded fundraising event in the Quad area allowing students the opportunity to satisfy their cravings and appetites with a variety of foods for sale.

There were brownies, Costco churros, egg rolls and Spam musubi. Prices ranged from $1 to $9. School clubs continued their efforts to promote themselves and increase membership from the freshman class by enticing students with food and encouraging them to expand on their extracurricular activities.

Amid the festive atmosphere, cabinet members welcomed the success of one of the biggest fundraising events for their clubs. The Random Acts of Kindness Club exceeded its expected profit, generating about $200 selling ice cream root beer floats. The club inspires and spreads a culture of kindness on campus school, and in the greater San Marino community through several school events including, Kindness Week.  

Random Acts of Kindness Club also attracted and recruited more freshmen and returning club members.

The Junior Taiwanese American Student Association sold a box full of Taiwanese boba for four tickets each within the first five minutes. Make-A-Wish experienced similar success through the distribution of Krispy Kreme Donuts for $2 each within the first ten minutes.

Sophomore Claire Chiu, a cabinet member in Make-A-Wish, was satisfied with the unexpected outcome, saying “Club Day was crazy as always, but we sold out really fast so I’m happy.”

Clubs selling popular food items such as In-N-Out Burger, Chicken McNuggets, and Potato Corner sold out within the first ten minutes.

“The food is pretty good, but it’s way too crowded,” freshman Jeff Wong said. “I’m really just interested in joining some clubs, mainly Robotics, Astronomy, Science Team, and Math Team.”

Sophomore Lisa Lu thought her second Club Day was mediocre, not much better than her first. “The food is not bad. In-N-Out is the best though. Besides that, everything else was average.” However, she noticed, “This year they added more ticket tables, which made the lines much faster. But still there’s a lot of people.”

“I am mainly interested in joining RAK, Key Club, and MYSM [Medical Youths of San Marino]. But I really want to buy some ice cream and fries, just because these foods are normally not available at lunch,” said junior Brittney Wong. “I really regret not going to Club Day during my freshman year, but this year is so much better because there are different food choices; although some are overpriced.”

Junior Catherine Lichtman agreed, “Club Day is pretty cool. But it needs to have more food because everything sold out very quickly. But at least the food options are pretty good this year.”

Overall, Club Day was a success for clubs from a fundraising and membership standpoint, and the general reception from students was relatively positive.

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Clubs Prosper, Titans Reflect on First Club Day of the Year