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New Changes in Citizenship Policy Bring Big-Time Incentives

Titan for Life a major addition to more positive approach

Mr. Bergmann educates students on the newly implemented citizenship policy.

Mr. Bergmann educates students on the newly implemented citizenship policy.

Blake Pak

Blake Pak

Mr. Bergmann educates students on the newly implemented citizenship policy.

Crystal Wu and Skyler Pak

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School administrators this year are implementing a new citizenship policy that allows students to raise citizenship grades, reworks the tardy policy, and introduces a new “Titan for Life” concept.

One example of the changes to come is how the new citizenship policy addresses tardiness by allowing students to raise their citizenship grades, specifically when they are tardy for reasons beyond their control. Students will be able to erase some tardies and raise their citizenship grade by performing an extra service that benefits the school community.

¨I like it. I like the fact that it was a collaboration of the students and teachers, and I think this will be very beneficial for our school,” said junior Alyssa Escamilla, who served on the committee that helped draft the changes.

Assistant Principal Eric Bergmann led the committee made up of students Escamilla, senior Allison Abrams, and senior Kathleen Liu. The committee also included teachers Mr. de la Vega, Ms. Linton, Dr. Graciano, and counselor, Ms. Ives.

“Citizenship grades serve as a means of motivating students,” Bergmann said.  “The previous version of the citizenship policy never recognized exemplary students.”

Titan for Life celebrates and rewards students who are outstanding citizens. Introduced by Principal Dr. Issaic Gates, the concept begins with each teacher submitting the name of one student with outstanding citizenship every month. ASB will then draw ten names out of approximately sixty students and allow those ten students to spin the Titan wheel, as displayed during the first week assembly.

In addition to the T-shirts, yearbooks, and dance tickets that students can win, there is a small section titled “Titan for Life,” which provides the winner with free access and admittance to all Titan activities for life, such as football games.

“Something like this will be useful for me,” sophomore Sherry Li said. “I still have a younger brother who is coming to the school, so I can come see him if he’s involved in any events.”

“The new policy boils down to readiness, responsibility, and respect,” Bergmann said. “These lessons are nothing new because you have learned them since kindergarten and they are taking into shape now.”

Students will appreciate the new changes to the policy.

“You can attract more ants with honey than with vinegar,” Li said.

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New Changes in Citizenship Policy Bring Big-Time Incentives